Friday, 11 May 2012

I am Meeting Tim Holtz...

Omg the title just says it all doesn't it? Hahaha...

If you didn't know already Tim Holtz is coming to the land of Aus is June. He is doing classes in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

I honestly thought I hadn't gotten in but silly me has a new tablet and when I typed the phone no in it was one number wrong lol. The lovely Di at stamp it emailed me to let me know :) and organise ticket purchase! How nice is that?

I am sooo excited, June 17th in sydney. Woop. I think the classes are around 50 in each. They are 2hr classes with a 1hr photo and signing portion at the end :)

I need to do some serious study for my Education support class so I can get some creating done lol. Have had so much going on lately not had the chance to make anything :( I just got the new spring colours as well as all the reinkers and some microglaze. Time to get my game on, but first some study lol falling a little behind.

We were in sydney over the weekend and at the airport on monday. We had a lovely time at Taronga Zoo and free comic day was pretty cool too. My daughter wanted a new Tablet now that she gets money so we had tto run around looking for that too. My mums been unwell so was there helping her on Wednesday and Thursday is the day I help at the school. It's been all go go go. So now Iit's time to do some study and hopefully clear my scrap space and get some creating happening to share :)

Squeal I am going to a Tim Holtz Class!!! lol
Happy Scrappin'

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