Saturday, 4 February 2012

Home Made Decorative Pins

Hello again! I hope everyone is having a good weekend :) Something else I have been making over the last few weeks are decorative pins, stick pins, hat pins, whatever name you happen to call them by lol.

All you need to make these are pins, beads glue and/or crimp beads. As I don't own crimp beads I used glue. Glossy Accents or Dimensional Magic depending on what was closer but any clear drying glue would work.

The first series of pin use a flower bead cap and 5cm long pins. All I did was put a drop of glue on the pin shaft and then slide the bead up. I did that for each bead so they would be held securely in place.

The next ones have an added dangly with a charm on the end. I started using jump rings but then thanks to a friend, who I showed how to make the pins, I realised I could just slip the chain right on the pin shaft for a less bulky look. Some of the pins are 5cm some are smaller. The smaller ones are regular pins I picked up at a junk shop.

The last pin is just a small one. My friend gave me some teeny butterflies. They make the cutest pins! I am trying to find some of these butterflies  on ebay... No luck so far!

I love making these things!  The only draw back is finding the longer pins in Australia. I have found loads on ebay but post kills lol. Hopefully I can get some more when I go to Sydney lol. Anyways I hope you like my pins.
Happy Scrappin'

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