Sunday, 5 February 2012

Beaded Flower Spray

Ok so as you can see I have been having fun with lately! I was following links and came across one from Wild Orchid Crafts for Floral Bead Sprays. So I decided to give it  a go :) With my own flavour  added of course lol.

I gathered some beads, iamroses flowers in various sizes (all white) and beading wire and set  off on an adventure lol. I, loving butterfly's, had decided this time I must have a butterfly. I resisted the urge on my previous bead sprays so now was the time! I also decided my favourite colour, purple, would be my colour of choice.

Supplies in hand and working on my twist, the first things I grabbed were the butterfly and a rose bud. I wanted my rose bud to be the top of my spray so had to work out how to incorporate the butterfly and rose in reverse order to the video instructions.

I started with my butterfly bead as per the video instructions for beads but only gave a little twist to the wires underneath. I then stuck the long stem from my rosebud through the butterfly and incorporated it into the twisting wires.

I then made  four more bead/flower  combos one bead and flower on each. However after  I twisted  it all together it looked wrong to me lol.  I grabbed two more  itty roses and twisted them onto the two stems that felt too long and bare lol...

I coloured my flowers using dusty concord distress stain on the tips and then spraying with home made pearl mist.

My 8 yr old daughter took some pics for me :) I will add  one that  shows the whole thing when my camera batteries charge :)
Happy Scrappin'

Pic  showing  the whole spray

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