Friday, 27 January 2012

Girls Birthday Card with KaiserCraft Candy Lane

I hope you like pink lol. My daughters fave colour is pink. We are going to her friends birthday tomorrow and   my 8 year old dd wanted to make her a card just from her :). So I was thinking the Authentique Uncommon pad. My dd saw the Kaiser Candy Lane and we were off and running lol.

We used the largest Lifestyle Crafts Blossom die to cut the card base. As you can see in the pic we folded the card base and hung a petal over the edge of the fold to create and opening card. Around this dd blended Worn Lipstick Distress Ink.

She then chose the orange with pink foil paper for the next layer cut with the next size down Blossom die. On top of this we layered another pp with cupcakes and cherries on it. Out of the teapot pp we used a punch to cut some butterflies and stuck them around the outside of the circle with matte accents.

With a green flowered pp we cut a small circle and she Chose the Happy Birthday sticker to go on top. The sticker in the middle of the middle butterfly was originally on the circle but it fell off and got lost for a bit so dd decided on some pink hearts instead :) (I found it and stuck it in the middle of the pink butterfly)

We put the circle on the card to see how it looked and didn't like it. We cut a plain circle and the butterfly circle from Spellbinders. Of course after we embossed the butterflies with the tan mat dd had to have the butterfly circle as her mat. She inked the edges with more worn lipstick and then stuck the pp circle on top. She then used some foam tape to lift it off the page a little and front of card was done :)

A coordinating stack, a few stickers and dies make for a quick and easy card :). Not bad for an 8 yr old at all...
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Scrappin'
PS here are a few pics dd took :)

Cosmo Cricket Odds & Ends Thank You Card

So last night on my way to bed I had a brainwave... I bought two Cosmo Cricket stacks that really challenge me and are way outside my comfort zone. I grabbed my Odds & Ends stack and created a super quick Thank you card :)

I cut the girls out and layered them on light brown cardstock. I was originally going to put them straight onto the lighter pp but it was too boring so I grabbed the red pp as well and added a strip behind the pics. Then matted that onto another peice of the red. I had some strips leftover so created the bottom strip under the sentiment.

The sentiment is from Hampton Arts from the Foot Long Thank You set. I stamped my thank you in Timber Brown Stazon to match in with the brown tones. I used some Lifestyle Crafts Oval Dies (one from quickutz holly jolly and the other from oval die set) to create the ovals with my bug. I used some foam tap to adhere it to the card and add dimension.

This card is way outside my usual style so I really hope you like it. It was a personal challenge to myself to make it :)
Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, 26 January 2012

What Paper To Use For Big Brush Markers

Ok so I have recently bought the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush Markers. I have been buying loads of different papers t try them on. Everything from manila to regular art journals, sketchbooks etc.

I tried whisper white Stampin' Up and it was ok but I was hoping I could find better. I have yet to try watercolour paper. When I find my pad I will. I bought two different manila's, a Kmart brand and then Avery manila folders in buff. The avery manila is pretty good, especially if you want to mute the colour tones a little. They come out almost pastely.

I bought a Reno Art sketchpad from a cheapy shop in sydney. It was the best of the bunch I had in my house when I bought my marker. Yes better than the whisper white. The paper is 140gsm so nice and thick and it takes the colour well. There is a little bleeding though.

So in my quest to find something easily accessible to me I went to a local shop that sells a fair bit of Monte Marte products. I actually went to get gesso brushes lol. I left them there for next time! What I did get was a Monte Marte sketchbook in A4 size. The papers are 150gsm almost cardstock like.

Ok so here is what I have discovered so far. Brilliant for colouring images. There is no bleeding. I need to work on my technique for laying colour down in big patches lol. You can make anything look better with mist! Blending is great for small sections but not as good if you try to do large sections at a time.

Neenah is supposed to be great but it is hard to source in Australia and post from the US is phenomenally expensive! So I have yet to try it. I do have a small pack in my SimonSaysStamp wishlist for next time I do an order. Another I would like to try is the Copic Xpress-it paper.

And here I am a couple days later and have bought a francheville sketchbook as well... It's pretty good for markers too. Not great for blending tho as its similar to watercolour and the ink sinks right in.

Tbh I really don't know what is best I am testing as I find. How do you colour with no streaks? I find small circles leave just as many line marks if not more lol...

Any tips please let me know :)
Thanks for reading!

Do it your way, not the way you’ve been told you have to do it

Do it your way, not the way you’ve been told you have to do it is a quote from the SDL Blog I discovered today. He was talking about blogging but it can relate to anything really can't it?

I went to scrapping and card classes for a long time. About 6 yrs, at the start we all followed our teacher by doing exactly as she did like lil sheeple. But as I grew into my own artistic skin more ( I never believed I had any art in my soul so it took sometime to get believing) I started to mix up the elements we were using and do them my way. 

A lot of people like to make exact copies or as close to as they can.. I saw this a lot on 12 tags of christmas with all the linked in tags. So many looked just like T!m's. I thought that was pointless. T!M said countless times he wanted to see what we could come up with utilising his techniques.

Some people just like to do the exact thing as others for fear of having to think up their own stuff. Some people are too scared to change anything for fear of failure, or making their teacher unhappy or a whole host of other reasons. 

When it comes to my projects though I always want to do them my way... Maybe it's the Leo in me lol. What has happened though is that people express themselves less and less and just constantly copy. That is just so damn boring.

Be yourself! If your in a class with anybody from T!m Holtz to a class at your lss and there is anything from an element to the entire layout you want to change, DO IT! Don't let fear stop you. I always wanted to make a pretty pretty l/o the one I made wasn't what I originally envisioned but so what. I think It's beautiful and that's all that matters! If you think your work is beautiful then that's all that matters!

We all have different styles and preferences in the way we create and what we create. If we didn't the whole world would be a single colour boring as bat ^%$& monotonous place. Any form of art is about self expressing! Don't be a sheep. Have an opinion, have a style all your own, Don't be scared to let it shine! 

I started this blog for several reason. One was to create more. I also just wanted to start sharing. I have found so much inspiration online, if I can inspire just one person I would be ecstatic! Another reason was to create more in my way and shake off the cobwebs of past lessons and my own thinking in what I create is not that special. The fact is a lot of people love my style. But the most important thing is I love my style and am finally finding out what that is...

As a matter of fact a lot of things I have been creating lately have challenged my perception of what exactly my style is. Forcing me to face the fact that I am not as scared of bright colours as I thought I was... I still love the pastel colour palette but now I know I can work a wide range of colours and quite successfully at that! IMO anyway haha. And in the end THAT'S WHAT COUNTS!

No matter how many you should do's I hear or I would have done it this ways I just do it my way. Success or fail I tried my way and am going to be far happier with myself for giving it a go rather than letting people push me in directions far removed from my original plan. But I am also flexible. If someone has an idea I like I will incorporate it :) 

It's ok not to like everyone's style, it's ok not to like mine even so long as you find and are happy with your own.

Also if you don't like what someone makes SHHHHHH don't rain on their parade. Smile politely and say it looks like you put an awful lot of work into that! Be non comittal lol it's better than saying no I hate it or bloody hell that's horrid... Think of how hurt your feelings would be if someone said something nasty to you about something you made! If it's on some random blog don't say anything at all! Just leave!

I hope people are not too offended by post. I was a sheeple. I am freely admitting it. It's a great way to start when you are new. But there comes a time to say I'm a butterfly and break free of the protective coccoon!
I will do a post  on the page inspired by this at a later date :)

Sorry didn't mean to get on my soap box! But the words just sent all this tumbling from my fingertips... lol Rant Over!

I do have a challenge though! If your attending a class or have bought a kit with the thought in mind to copy exactly what was done with the kit in the first place, take a moment to consider how you can change it in some small way... Seriously start small if you cannot think of how to change big things don't worry it will come! I started by changing the placement of one or  two elements to make things more pleasing to my eye. From there things bubbled and brewed til I completely changed whole scrap pages. They still retained the main essence of the lesson but I did it my way!...

If you take part in my challenge link me up. Show me your work. Tell me what you changed. Even if it is as simple as one flower! I promise to look at every one. Small changes can lead to great things :)

Happy Scrappin'

Purple Rain

Another day another journal page :) I started this one with a ceramcoat gesso background as the page before has sharpie on it that of course bled through.

I wanted to see what I could do with distress inks on gesso and still retain the colour. The colours came out muted but that's a lot to do with the technique. I covered the whole page with milled lavender first. I then used a makeup sponge to add seedless preserves around the edges. Using the same sponge I moved the colour around and pulled it towards the centre. I  repeated with dusty concord. I then repeated again with seedless preserves and dusty concord. Make sure it dries well before you do anything else as the colour wipes right off when wet.

Now if I was smart I would have used a fixative spray at this point lol. Anyhoo next time! I used a purple pitt Big Brush Marker to add some raindrops all over the page.

 I had a piece of cs that I had stamped off on with a fiskars cherry blossom background stamp. I had used some Windsor & Newton watercolour paints and shimmer spray to see how the cs would look and it looked pretty lol and because the cherry blossoms and been stamped with distress they ran a little.

So I took the cs and stamped my Blockheads Stamps faerie on it. I spritzed this with even more shimmer mist to make it run and bleed a little to fit in with the raining theme. I grabbed a tag from my KaiserCraft Magic Happens tags and stamped the Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous sentiment near the flourish. I trimmed a little off the other end as it was too long. Again I spritzed with shimmer and let the words run a little.

I used a large Bella fabric flower and a smaller Prima daisy in the centre of this. both folded over. In hindsight I probably should have just cut them so they layered flatter. I used foam tape to tape my fairy down and pop her off the page a little, securing the tag behind her.

Then came the hard part. Well not hard just the bit that took the most time... I got my bling on and blinged over 150 1.5mm rhinestones all over the page with Multi-Medium Matte... Best glue ever! To make even more glistening raindrops.

If you have any questions about the techniques I will do my best to answer :)
Happy Scrappin'

P.S Wouldn't this make an adorable card? I am going to make one for a girl's birthday this weekend :)

Purple Rain

Monday, 23 January 2012

Just got some new loot :)

Exciting!!! lol

Anna's Craft Cupboard is having a sale :) So I did a little shopping and today it came :)

What did I buy lol...
 I bought paper stacks :) Five of them ... lol I bought Cosmo Cricket Clementine and Odds & Ends 6x6 stacks. Looking at them they are the perfect style and colour to make my mum a present :) Very vintagey and in her colours too :) I was making a present for her last year that was a bit of a challenge... Her fave Colours were red, aqua and blue. Not a scheme I am overly familiar with...

I also got three KaiserCraft stacks. Lullaby, So adorable. Candy Lane. Wow I liked more in it than I thought I would :) I bought it to make things to sell with... lol Last but definitely not least Pink Gelato. Wow I am blown away by this stack. Seeing it online I was very ho hum... Wasn't sure if I liked it or not so I grabbed it thinking at least I could make things to sell with it... But it is absolutely gorgeous! So pretty. Swoon! I also got a couple of the 12x12 sheets :)

I picked up some bargain packs of Basic Grey Brads. Um all I can say is I like to have a large variety of colours... *blush* Sweet Threads, Hello Luscious and Lauderdale.

Three gorgeous mini Prima stamps. Butterfly, Alla Prima and Romantique. The best value alpha sticker book ever! 2147 stickers on seven 6x12 sheets jam packed on edge to edge! The Girls Paperie Jubilee set. Four sheets are alphabets the rest words, borders and tags. Totally awesome! The bottom ones are not yellow, that's just how the pic looks on the back of the pack lol.

I allso grabbed a couple of December 25th pages and sticker collection, a couple of pink gelato. Some Jubilee from the girls paperie, and a couple of the Pink Paislee Butterfly papers I have been trying to get forever! Really want the 6x6 pad but hard to find lol.

Soooooo I finished sorting all my stamps, wowzer it only took two days :). So Now I think it just might be time to have some fun!!!! A reward for all that work :). I will see what I can come up with and get back to you later. Bye for now....
Hapy Scrappin'

Project Organisation

Hiya everyone :)

I am currently doing the Project Organisation Challenge Course at The Scrap Rack. Wow it has some great ideas on organisation. I have already "purged" 250 - 300 12x12 papers. Most of my papers are sorted into colours already :) so that helps. I have a christmas draw. I also have in a separate place baby and birthday themes.

I have started with my stamps though as these are the things that usually end up spread from one end of my table to the other. I think I currently have 30 or 40 sets on my kitchen table. EEEK

I have not started cataloging them yet. I have just started sorting them into themes. I had them in an overflowing box lol. This is what's in my box after doing at least that many sets if not more yesterday. I originally had them sorted by brand. Now they are sorted into themes ready and waiting :)

To find what I wanted I had to go through ever single stamp set. Very hard when they were jammed in and there were a bazillion on top lol. This invariably led me to pulling out loads of stamps for a project just so I didn't have to go back again!

So far I have these themes:
*Alphabets/Numbers/Month sets
*Christmas (that's a big one lol)

I have these waiting to be sorted to be rehomed. The theme specific sentiments are with their respective stamps.

*Flowers and Sentiments
*Mixed Sentiments
*Flourishes and Sentiments
*Journal Blocks
*Tim Holtz/Steampunk/Vintage

Then I have a bunch of  of stamps I don't know how to categorise lol. They include some that have a mix of everything, sentiments, flowers, swirls, crowns, guitars, bugs, you name it they have a bit of a few of them lol... I can do a flower/sentiment/bug/animal section I guess but what about the rest? Argh lol

One step at a time.. I am sure it will come to me. I just don't want to take my stamps out of their respective sets and store them specifically by theme lol. I like to keep them with original packaging so that makes it harder.

I am storing my stamps using sheet protectors and three ring binders. Three to four ring work best as there is less pull on the protective sheets. Now I only had two binders like that and one is being used for Lifestyle Crafts and Quickutz Dies, so as a temporary measure I have used book rings :) Five rings for each separate set.

Four sets of inkadinkado in a sheet protector works brilliantly! Others I work with til I get a fit I like.  The smaller recollections and stampendous sets I store sideways four in a sheet protector. I do them back to back so there is a front side and backside. I use a small amount of repositionable tape inside the top of the sheet protector to keep the stamps in in case I knock my folder over.

At some point I will stick the stamps to backing paper so they don't move about but I am trying not to bite off more than I can chew right now lol..

I can tell you that I can already see that having my stamps sorted by theme as much as possible is going to help me greatly! I can just grab a folder for the specific items I am looking for rather than searching through my brands to find what I need! Less searching time and more importantly Less Mess!!!

I will add some photos of the storage soon :)
Happy Scrappin'

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Winner being redrawn!

I am going to redraw the winner of my blog giveaway as I have emailed the lady three times to no avail. The last email I sent said that If I did not hear from her I would redraw.

So here is my list :)

1. Cliona Larkin

2. Alex

3. Deanna Green

4. Kimberly Rae

5. Amanda Christina

6. Grandy

7. Elinda Walker

8. Donna Birchall

9. Mac

10. Grandy

off to the random number generator we go :)

True Random Number Generator  8hahaha I forget how to make the box appear :( Anyways least it shows up!

Donna Birchall.... You are a winner winner chicken dinner!

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ok More Art Journalling Bursting Forth

So wow this is my fourth post today :)... I blogged the other week about showing some friends new techniques that they were not aware of or needed a refresher on. Most of it was to do with distress inks. But one was the toilet paper technique I saw on Creative Jump Start. Yes I have Truly Been Jump Started! lol...

So one of the main aims of my journal is to have a lot of the techniques I know or am learning in the one place as a point of reference. So I took my toilet paper piece I created that day and added it to my art journal! :)

I used Toilet paper 8 sheets To make the centre piece
Clock Texture Fade For the centre piece
Home made glimmer mist using Color Wash & Pearl Ex to spray both the centre piece and the background.
KaiserCraft Black & White Timeless For the clock
Lifestyle Craft Circle Die For the clock
Chipboard from a cereal box to make the clock sturdier and foam tape to add dimension.
Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Stamp To stamp the background with Worn Lipstick Distress Ink
A sharpie to write the words.
Brads for the clock centres and a clock charm and some chain to finish it off.

As I already had  the toilet paper centre it really only took me 20 minutes or so to complete my page. Am really getting into this art journalling now it seems :)

Thanks for looking

My first Journal Page!

Ok so you already know I bought a new journal today. You also know I drew a picture... So the two go hand in hand and I decided to do my first proper art journal page :).

I wanted to use a Tim Holtz stamp but the one I had wasn't big enough :( So I took my metal ruler and a sharpie and drew my own rays. I then coloured the rays in.

I completed colouring and hated the straight lines! So I added a bit extra to my lines ;) I then grabbed a Pitt Big Brush Marker in Light Pthalo Green and filled in in between the lines. I like the streakiness of both markers on this journal paper as it lends to the ray feeling.  In fact I tried to make them extra streaky! lol

I grabbed some Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous stamps from a bunch of sets and my Picket Fence Distress Stain and stamped various images around the rays. Love love love the dropping butterfly! I then grabbed my Snow Cap Paint Dabber and used the stamp with the words Love wish dream on it at the bottom of the page over the top of the other images :)

You can also see in the above pic a a few extra colours lol I was testing my pitt markers to see which I would use...

I then grabbed an Autum Leaves Stampology alpha to stamp Purples Journal in black stazon. I noticed at this point the white paint was lifting some of the stazon colour into it. Good to know for future reference!

Zentagles, Zendoodles and all that Jazz..

Sooooo I have seen a whole heap of blogs on the Zentangle, Zentangle Inspired Art, Doodling, Mendalas so I thought I would try my hand at doing a free form Zendoodle type thingymajig. Ok if you haven't got it I am not sure what category this falls into lol...

There are so many different names and different sets of rules for each so if anyone knows what category this actually is leave a comment pretty please lol...

I saw on Simonsaysstamp blog some hints and tips and one was to start with a prestamped image.... Now this is how I was going to try my hand at this but I got some knew pens today and was  just sitting here. I also bought a new journal because I want to try my hand at doing an art type journal lol. Pen + Journal = Trouble! lol

So i grabbed the journal, made a border with my pen and started doodling. Then I filled in the doodles. Unfortunately it's not a waterproof pen :( I really wanted to colour in some bits. Especially the butterfly like wing. Well so here it is in all it's glory lol... My first go at whatever I did!

I am not a drawer but I gave it a go :) I thought I was going to get frustrated and grr but after I finished I felt very relaxed and happy :) This is going to be my first journal entry! :) Yay. I had to cut around it because I was testing some markers on the same page and and the colour fastness of the pen I used. Next time I will pull out the bic fine liners I got the other day. lol :)

Anyways let me know what you think of my first attempt :)
Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More Of My First Mini

Thought I would do a quick post and show you some more pic of my mini in progress. So far I have made up four pages. The first is in the previous post. I am just going to show the main pics. Don't want to bore you with the details lol.

Each page is a different colour. Pink, Green, Blue and Grey/Blue. Not sure whether I will add another page yet as this mini all ready has space for 40 photo's... Each page is also interactive in some way...

As you have already seen the Blue has an extra tag pocket on the fold down flap... All pages are distressed with Tumbled Glass Distress Ink.

This pic shows the green page. I have added a mini book to this page and tied it with a ribbon. I used Bundled sage for these pages.

The open book view. Started to embellish and decorate :)

This is the other side. I created a small pocket from the drop down piece and edged it all with Tim Holtz butterfly Tissue tape and made three small tags to go in the pockets. Two of the tags have journalling lines on the back.

The pink page has extra fold down flaps added so when you pull them all the way down there will be space for four photo's on the front and three more on the back of the flap. As you can see the papers are not 100% stuck down yet. Just held in place with repositional tape. This one is edged in Worn Lipstick.

The last page of my mini is the Grey/Blue page. So far on the back of this one I have added another lot of tag holders. This one was created with the Tim Holtz On The Edge Die Brackets.. The distressing colour is Faded Jeans.

Sorry for the chopped off pic, for some reason the good one is broken, Half the pic has become grey.... WEIRD! lol So this is the story so far. I am going to add two large tags to the back pocket. I am also going to make some small envelopes so whoever buys this mini can add their own ephemera and personal touches to the mini :)

All pages also have the large pull out tag in the middle.

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Making things to sell...

Hi Everyone :) As the title says I am making things to sell. I have started a 6 x 6 mini album. Not sure how many pages to put in it. It has 5 double sided pages right now. Each page also has a large side loading tag and a fold out page on each side.

So far I have added papers to one whole page of the album plus the tag. I also made another tag pocket for one of the fold out pages that has two tags in it, one in each direction. I just need to add a few photo mats, some stamping and some embellies.

Four more to go plus covers. As things stand I have no idea where I will sell it or how much to charge lmao. But in order to sell things I need to have things made to sell!

Any way here are a couple of pics so u can see how it's going! I made all of the pages plus side tags in a couple of hours tonight as well as started decorating the first pages :) I decided to be more orderly and create all the pages first. Then paper them, then decorate in order to try and be faster lol... I had the paper stack picked I was going to use all ready to go :)

First page closed.

 First page opened with tags pulled out so you can see where they go.

 Back of first page closed with tag still out lol

Back of first page fully opened.

As I said It still needs decorating, but I have four more pages like that made up ready to paper and decorate :) All in all not bad for one night. Especially as this is my first ever mini :) And I am making it all from scratch ... Holy cow lol...

The binding edge has 6 layers of cardstock plus a piece of plastic to reinforce it and make sure the book rings stay put! As I want to sell this once it is done I figured I best try to make it sturdy! lol. Each page is made from two A4 sheets of white 160gsm cardstock. The pages are 6.5" (1/2" for binding) x 6".

So let me know what you think... Will post more pics as they are done :). Trying to work out what other things I can incorporate into the pages. Thinking maybe a large pocket across the bottom of one of the main pages.

Thanks for Looking
Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Creative Jump Start and a Pretty Layout!

Hi Everyone :) Hope you all had lovely holidays!

Today I want to share two things. An inspiring video a day called Creative Jump Start and a layout.

What is Creative Jump Start? Well it's an inspirational video a day on how other artists get their minds flowing. Some share a cool technique, others just give advice, some do both :). The advice so far has been brilliant and I have learnt a new super cool technique with toilet paper! Yes you heard right TOILET PAPER. Not used of course!!!! lol...

I am a bit behind in watching the vids and I missed the first day because I enrolled late, however I worked out how to watch the first vid. Nathalie also sent out an email telling you how to watch what you have missed so if you need it feel free to drop me a line with your email addy and I will gladly forward it to you :)

Onto my layout. Ok this is the first layout for 2012 for me. I didn't do very many at all last year. I mostly made cards and altered notebooks for people and watched a lot of youtube tutorials :) lol. So I gave myself a challenge and made myself follow through.

You know all those gorgeous pages you see with pretty papers and a gazillion flowers? Mine never look like that! lol. Last year I decided to do an order at I Am Roses with the thought in mind of prettying up my style some. Or more importantly trying to find my style.

I went  to classes for a few years with a bunch of friends and the lovely lady that taught us was a friend as well. There came a time however when it was time to move on from the classes and find my own feet and my own style instead of borrowing someone elses. By the end of these classes I was changing up the pages quite a lot and adding and subtracting elements to suit my taste. I have not been going to classes for two years now though and it's time to sit myself down and get the creating on paper!

The Challenge!

I challenged myself to try to create in my own style one of those pretty pretty pages you see everywhere right now! I love pretty papers, flowers butterflies, general girly girlness.
So from start to finish I created. It took me quite a few days of work but in the end I got there :) The tag on the layout contains hidden journalling on the back  about the pictures :)

Please ignore the end of the tool in the picture! It's only there to stop my page falling lol. 

All my flowers started white and are from KaiserCraft and The bulk of them are I am Roses. They are painted with my home made version of glimmer glaze. The white ones have been misted with home made pearl mist. The twizzles are the stems from the flowers. The leaves are another I am roses flat white flower coloured with distress stain and home made glaze and then cut into five leaves.

The background papers are from the Prima Fairy Flora 6x6 paper pad as I don't have any 12x12 prima :( All cardstock is from a Cre8tiv card stack from my local Kmart. The orange coloured papers are from the Magic Happens 6x6 stack from KaiserCraft

All the stamping was done with Tim Holtz stamps and adirondack paint dabbers in pearl and white. The hat pin was made by me using a headpin, swarovski crystals (I bought cheap on ebay) and some chain.

Have to say I am pretty I'm pressed with myself :) lol I didn't think I would make myself finish it. I usually just procrastinate and keep moving everything around! If you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

So please let me know what you think :)
Happy Scrappin'

Monday, 2 January 2012

12 Cards of Christmas T!m Holtz Style All done and dusted

Does a happy dance :) Here they all are together as a recap :)

 So learning this blog this as I go :) lol I had to do a sideways one and throw them out of alignment. Well there you go all 12 cards in all their glory! Hope you enjoyed my journey!

As a side  note. How quickly did the ecraft become my best friend? 11 of the 12 cards were made using it :) Pretty impressed with that lol. I also used the cuttlebug a lot as well. So for those of you thinking about getting an electronic cutter don't toss away the old one just yet! you may find you still need it as 7 of my cards had elements cut in the bug on them :)

Can I say.... What a journey :)
Happy Scrappin'