Friday, 25 November 2011

Purples Flirty Flowers

So as I was making the previous flowers I discovered by accident that you could get a lovely effect by letting water run up the flowers.

First step is to select the flowers you are going to use. Then colour the edges of the petals with distress stain or distress reinker. You cannot use a watered down version of the colours as this method will not work.

If you are using the stamp pad method you don't need to be precise, also don't add too much colour, especially if you are using a dark colour as this method will not be as effective.

Spritz your craft mat or a non porous surface with water, then place one petal of your flower at a time in the pool of water, holding the petal straight down so it's not laying in the water.

Another thing I learnt while I was doing this is that if you dry the back first the lighter colours will be on top, if you dry the top first it will be darker.

I think any dye ink will work for this method. Will have to give it a try in the next few days lol.

This above video shows how to colour and make my take on the prima madeiros flowers as well as my flirty flowers.
The following Video shows how to make the the centre for the dried marigold flower on the top right of the picture, which I am roses flowers I used and what colours and techniques I used on a bunch of flowers I have made.
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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pretty Prima Like Flowers

I used some Puffy White Flowers and different colouring techniques and decorations to make some Prima Like Flowers of Spain Madeiros flowers. For the centres I used different I am roses roses. To colour my petals I used Distress Stains and Distress Inks. Any dye ink pads can be used to get the same effect or even re-inkers mixed with a little water.

The first method I used was to make sure the top of my Distress Stain was good and juicy and then touch the top of each petal to the top of the Distress Stain and let it soak up the colour to where I was happy with how much it had on the tip. I liked the idea of a bit more colour on the ends so let it soak up a bit.

The second method can be used with Distress Stains, Distress Ink Pads, Re-inkers, Watercolours, Pearls/Pearlex mixed into a paint even paint I would imagine. Add medium of choice to your craft mat and mix with water. Using a paintbrush or aqua brush I brushed the tips of my flowers with my colour choice.
The picture above shows the first flower made by distress stain alone, the next is distress stain, water and aqua brush the third is distress pad, water and aqua brush. The colour used is Dusty Concord.

The third method is as above but instead of using a brush, make sure you have a good amount of pooled colour and water on your craft mat or even in a dish. Dip the tips of the flower one at a time in the colour. be aware however that you need to remove the flower petal well before it gets to where you want the colour to stop as it will continue to travel down the petals some way. (I got caught out by this lol)

To colour my centre roses I used the same methods as above, using the Distress Stain or aqua brush.

Some I then misted with home made pearl mister. Make sure the flowers are dry first and that you only lightly mist as the colour will run if you spray too much. Others I used Glitter on and one has both glitter on the centre rose and Diamond Dust on the outer petals.

Not much effort to get a really lovely flower. Another think you can do when using the aqua brush if you only want shimmer on the coloured bits of your flower is to add pearl shimmer spray to your ink rather than plain water. I did this with some of my flowers as well. Hope you like my flowers. If anyone wants a youtube vid let me know in comments. if I get enough will do a tut and post a link.
 The colours used here in clockwise order are Spun sugar(behind the red), Barn Door, Tumbled Glass, Aged Mahohany, Milled Lavender and Wild Honey
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