Thursday, 24 April 2014

Copic Cardstcock Test For Aussies

 So I have been doing a little testing with my Copics on different cardstocks easily available in Australia. I did these when I first got my copics so my colouring is a smidge better now I hope lol. These are pretty messy though as I was more focused on blendability.
Quill White 200gsm
 Quill is my least favourite, sucking up a fair amount of ink and having the least smooth blend. I also found if you worked it too much it bled fairly easily.
Neenah Solar White
It's not perfect but Copics do blend on here fairly nicely and it can take a bit of ink. With all my samples I used a Marker Pad or Bleed Proof  Paper Pad underneath.
HP 200gsm
 This was surprising to me, I bought this to try some of the wet techniques from Tim Holtz' range of media. I wanted something other than manilla tags all the time. Anyway the copics blended fairly nicely on here with minimal bleeding. This cardstock is the whitest "white" that I tried as well(X-Press It also being very white), with neenaah being the creamiest.
I have also used Copic Xpress-it. I just don't have a comparison pic as I tend to hoard this for cards as it's the most expensive at $5.50 for 10 sheets($0.55 each).  I did buy the Neenah Solar white from the US, it was $5 for 25 sheets ( $0.20 each). Both Quill and HP can be found at Officeworks in Australia. HP Colour Laser Copy Paper was $25.50 for 250 sheets ( $0.10 each) and Quill was $12.72 for 100 sheets ($0.13 each).

As a side note I also have Promarkers and have used them on all these cs's. I have found surprisingly I like them best on the HP cardstock . . .
Happy Scrappin'

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