Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sure Cuts A Lot 3

Well I have just downloaded SCAL 3.

I like that I can cut straight from my computer to my ecraft.

I am going to have to watch some tutorials on how to do stuff of course because apart from importing an svg, resizing it and sending to ecraft to cut I don't know how to do anything else.

I bought SCAL 3 because it was on special through my grafico for only $30 and that seemed like a brilliant deal when MTC is on sale for ywice that much and it's ecraft plugin is only in beta.

So the svg file I imported and cut worked great :D So I know it works at least lol.

I found a free scalloped circle with a butterfly border and am trying to learn how to edit it. I want to erase the antennae but when I tried in inkscape it deleted the bits that still need to be cut as well. If you haven't guessed I have no idea how to do any of the svg things. The ecraft is my first cutter so I am new to it all. TThe thing is somehow this file is the opposite of most svg shapes where you can take the eraser and erase the bits you don't want. When i do that with this file it erases things that need to stay. At least I think it does lol.

So I know svg cuts has some nice tutorials, I will be watching then I am sure. Pretty sure youtube will have some as well.

I also downloaded the free library component of scal. Not sure how that works either. Can I import svg files on my computer to scal?

I don't like that when I hover over buttons they don't tell me what they are for. I have to guess using the thumbnail pics as a guide... UGH lol I need SCAL 3 for dummies!

I am sure I will figure it out eventually lol

Happy Scrappin

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