Thursday, 26 January 2012

What Paper To Use For Big Brush Markers

Ok so I have recently bought the Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush Markers. I have been buying loads of different papers t try them on. Everything from manila to regular art journals, sketchbooks etc.

I tried whisper white Stampin' Up and it was ok but I was hoping I could find better. I have yet to try watercolour paper. When I find my pad I will. I bought two different manila's, a Kmart brand and then Avery manila folders in buff. The avery manila is pretty good, especially if you want to mute the colour tones a little. They come out almost pastely.

I bought a Reno Art sketchpad from a cheapy shop in sydney. It was the best of the bunch I had in my house when I bought my marker. Yes better than the whisper white. The paper is 140gsm so nice and thick and it takes the colour well. There is a little bleeding though.

So in my quest to find something easily accessible to me I went to a local shop that sells a fair bit of Monte Marte products. I actually went to get gesso brushes lol. I left them there for next time! What I did get was a Monte Marte sketchbook in A4 size. The papers are 150gsm almost cardstock like.

Ok so here is what I have discovered so far. Brilliant for colouring images. There is no bleeding. I need to work on my technique for laying colour down in big patches lol. You can make anything look better with mist! Blending is great for small sections but not as good if you try to do large sections at a time.

Neenah is supposed to be great but it is hard to source in Australia and post from the US is phenomenally expensive! So I have yet to try it. I do have a small pack in my SimonSaysStamp wishlist for next time I do an order. Another I would like to try is the Copic Xpress-it paper.

And here I am a couple days later and have bought a francheville sketchbook as well... It's pretty good for markers too. Not great for blending tho as its similar to watercolour and the ink sinks right in.

Tbh I really don't know what is best I am testing as I find. How do you colour with no streaks? I find small circles leave just as many line marks if not more lol...

Any tips please let me know :)
Thanks for reading!

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