Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Zentagles, Zendoodles and all that Jazz..

Sooooo I have seen a whole heap of blogs on the Zentangle, Zentangle Inspired Art, Doodling, Mendalas so I thought I would try my hand at doing a free form Zendoodle type thingymajig. Ok if you haven't got it I am not sure what category this falls into lol...

There are so many different names and different sets of rules for each so if anyone knows what category this actually is leave a comment pretty please lol...

I saw on Simonsaysstamp blog some hints and tips and one was to start with a prestamped image.... Now this is how I was going to try my hand at this but I got some knew pens today and was  just sitting here. I also bought a new journal because I want to try my hand at doing an art type journal lol. Pen + Journal = Trouble! lol

So i grabbed the journal, made a border with my pen and started doodling. Then I filled in the doodles. Unfortunately it's not a waterproof pen :( I really wanted to colour in some bits. Especially the butterfly like wing. Well so here it is in all it's glory lol... My first go at whatever I did!

I am not a drawer but I gave it a go :) I thought I was going to get frustrated and grr but after I finished I felt very relaxed and happy :) This is going to be my first journal entry! :) Yay. I had to cut around it because I was testing some markers on the same page and and the colour fastness of the pen I used. Next time I will pull out the bic fine liners I got the other day. lol :)

Anyways let me know what you think of my first attempt :)
Thanks for looking :)

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