Saturday, 4 February 2012

Home Made Bead Sprays

Well I found a tutorial on youtube to make my own bead sprays. So I had to try it out as bead sprays are not something I would usually buy. They are after all a bit on the expensive side. The lady who I am emulating is Leanne from LovleeScrappin. Click the link to see her tutorial. It is very clear and well done :)

 My first effort is well... Iffy at best lol. Not bad for my first try I guess. Of course I didn't follow directly what Leanne said soo erm yeah anyways... here it is.

My next effort was much better, however I had the wire break along the way. Twisted too tight I guess. I had to undo that section and reattach the wire to the main body... That was fun for a non beader lol. I know no secrets. So what I did was add the blue bead in the middle and used that to anchor the broken wire to and reintegrate it into the spray. I added another bead in the middle because I thought one looked weird lol.

Then I decided to try one more time and do something different. I added extra beads to each line, all except one have three beads on each arm. I added a bead at the bottom to finish it off. As you can see by my spacing I am learning as I go. I will get there in the end! lol

None of the ones I have made tonight have any colour theme. I was just playing and learning how to make the sprays. I'd still like to try and work out how to get the effect I was going for in the first one to work but as a non beader I am happy with baby steps!

The first and last sprays were made with swarovski crystals. The middle one was made with acrylic beads.
Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappin'

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