Saturday, 11 February 2012

Soooo Excited. I am a Prima Winner!!!!

Well Hi there everyone :)

Today I am about ready to bounce of the walls.

I am a WINNER!!!!
on Prima's  blog! I won the most gorgeous prize!
Thank goodness my sister tagged me on facebook so I knew to go look :) Thank you very much!

Wanna see what I won? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal.....

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Prima and have a box full of the older got flowers and a couple of other collections :) I have just started making some bead sprays with them :) I am working on ways to add the flat flowers into sprays so I will be hopefully I will be doing a video tutorial soon :) I have two ways so far lol.

I am also waiting on some coloured wire I got for a brilliant price on ebay :) 10 different colours to play with :)
I am not really one for adding florist tape to my sprays as I am a smidge ocd and would want it on every section so it all looked the same. So coloured wire sounded like a good option!

Back to my prize. How lovely is the stamp set? The flowers and bling as well of course. But if you know me, you know I love flowers and butterflys! So these stamps are just so me :)

Anyways I just had to share my excitement! Now I best get to cleaning! ugh rofl...
Happy Scrappin'


  1. woo hoo - you've gotta love getting happy mail ... congratulations.

    1. Thank you :) Can't wait til they are in my hot lil hand!