Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Boxes Galore and Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone :) Hope you all have had or are having a wonderful day!

I have been making boxes, boxes and more boxes! All the boxes I have made come from the SVGCuts One Piece Box set. I cut all my boxes in my ecraft. I had to make a couple a smidge smaller but all good, they still cut great.

For the ones that had extra pieces I used SCAL 3 to open the box file and a new project tab to open each of the extras. I ungrouped my extras as some had 12" long boxes and regrouped them smaller and then copied them to my box tab. I then clicked ctrl A to select all pieces and grouped them together. By doing this I was then able to resize all my pieces at the same time and maintain scale. ( I didn't end up using the boxes with extras tho lol)

I made quite a few boxes 4 in the lacey pattern and then a couple of others. So here are the lacey ones. The light pink one caught on my ecraft on the way out and as I was not near by I had to do some creative fixing lol.

My oldest daughters box in shades of blue/greens.

My youngests. Her flowers are different colours as she picked what she wanted :)

Mine is in shades of purple. My fave colour!

Next up are some boxes my daughter took to school, another purple one and a red one decorated with scraps of paper I had laying around.

This first one went a little awry so had to fix as best I could. I gave that one to a friend for his mum as she had given us a couple of lifts lately :)

This one was for my youngest daughters teacher last year and my current training placement teacher :)

This was for her current teacher :) As I said just decorated with some scraps I had.

This next box was made on bright green cs, anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan, it was a test cut. It didn't work 100%  needs to be shrunk a lil but with some creativity I hid the fold mark! lol My daughter saw it and decided she wanted two boxes! I used some scraps of paper I had to decorate it.

This last box is another different style. I found some lovely fairy paper in my scraps and used that to embellish the box.

All flowers are I am roses and have been coloured on the tips with distress stains and then misted with home made pearl mist. One flower on the green box has been coloured with the evergreen bough distress ink pad. The big pink flower on the last box I cannot remember what I used on it as it was a while ago. I think it is Stampin' Up ink. The stamp set is XOXOXO from The Paper Studio

Hope you like my personalised valentine boxes! For the most part they a colour specific to each person and filled with goodies! :)
Happy Scrappin'


  1. Your boxes are so fun! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you very much. I hope you did too! :) My kids loved their boxes!