Monday, 1 February 2016

Watercolor For Cardmakers Intermediate Day Three - Lifting

Hi, I know, tonnes of posts all at once... Sorry lol. I am using my phone net to do most of this so hope I don't go over haha! Extra big bill... So again I don't have the right paper for this technique and am still using Plaid One Stroke brushes that honestly just don't cut it for these types of techniques. For the following lifting attempts I used Rangers watercolour paper and I'm not 100% sure which watercolours set lol. Attempt one.

Attempt two.

I really am seeing how paper and brushes play a big part in these techniques! Attempt three

Hopefully I'm improving! Still struggling with leaves but I think better brushes will help!


  1. Your work is lovely! I'm struggling with "coloring outside the lines" in class, but I will keep on practicing. It is SO fun!

    1. I am struggling with a lot of stuff but like you I love it :) I can't draw for the world so being able to use stamps or turn blobs into art is magic to me!

  2. I've been scrolling down through your posts with my jaw getting lower with each one! These are just gorgeous!! and yes, there is a world of difference in the results depending on which paper you use. Back to practise! Ger x