Saturday, 12 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 Day 2 Part Two Girly Grunge Style

Wow is it ever hard work trying to keep up... Falling more behind by the minute haha! For this next technique I need a stencil with a bit more open space . . .
Not sure if this was supposed to be as beaded up as it was... Might have been the stencil I used? It was a KaiserCraft one.
Ink Monoprint
I really like how this one turned out :) Can't wait to finish it off! :) It is my second attempt though because I kept mixing up the instructions! Now I take my pad to the table so I can watch and do at the same time haha :)

Paint Monoprint

 Ok time to get cracking on day threes post. I am struggling with day three... Have yet to attempt day four and day five is up! *insert swear word of choice here!* ;) lol
Happy Scrappin'

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