Saturday, 12 October 2013

Creative Chemistry Day 4 Girly Grunge Style

Man oh man I love alcohol inks :) So versatile and in all the colours of the rainbow and then some lol. Anyway lets get some pics up in here!
Faux Patina
No tinsel for me cry! So skip that and lets get some Ombre happening lol. I am not sure how these turned out to be honest lol. I also did one in blues but I didn't take a good pic lol. They are all blurry . . .
Ombre Take 1
Ombre Take 2

I really like this next one. I did this three times too. You know what they say . . . Third times a charm! Well it's my fave and two was an epic fail lol. 
Monoprint Take 1
Monoprint Take 2

Monoprint Take 3

And last but not least. I struggled a bit with this one. I need some more stencils! The first one was too thin but I still god a cool design! So I went back to my trusty punchinella for the second one.
Faded Layers Take 2

Faded Layers Take 1

Ok that's another day over and done!
Happy Scrappin'

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