Saturday, 12 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 Day 3 Girly Grunge Style

Hi, back again! Not sure I need to split this post as I struggled today and I also couldn't get any glue n seal but I can tell you it s very high on the want list now! So here we go again :) I have two for the first one as I killed my first attempt and you know... I like to share ;)
Smudge Stamping Take 1

Smudge Stamping Take 2

Jury is out on this one! I did this quite a few times lol. I like the last one I did. The first couple . . . Not so sure! Kind of like my leaves though :)

Brayered Stains Take 1

Brayered Stains Take 2

Ok last one for today is glitter! Who doesn't love glitter! Ok well some people don't but it's soooo sparkly! Yep I love it!!!
Ok well I have another post to write up for my DT then maybe if I am not too tired I can give the day 4 techniques a go! I have mot of the supplies assembled lol.
Happy Scrappin'

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