Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Home Made Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Glam Tutorial

I did another you tube video showing some ways I have made these at home myself. I have managed to use a wide range of colour mediums to make my glaze/glam.

The two most important things I have used have been Triple Thick Glaze and Iridescent Medium. I use Reeves Iridescent Medium, however I am sure you can use whatever brand you can find. I am still waiting for my Multi Medium Gloss to arrive and when it does I am going to try that Instead of the Triple Thick.

Colour mediums I have used are Distress Ink reinker, Stampin' Up reinker, Stazon reinker, Adirondack Pigment reinker, Plaid Paint, Color Wash and Alcohol Ink (the most dramatic change in the colour).
The picture below shows the different colours I have used and what medium.

The peeled paint I made shows the difference in colour in relation to the amount of drops used. The mushroom color wash and the wild plum alcohol ink have fine crystal glitter in them as well as the iridescent medium. The picture does not do their gorgeousness justice!

As you can see they are all lovely and shimmery shiny :).

In the bottom of a small jar or container add a small amount of iridescent medium and a few drops of water and mix to the consistency of Farex if you know what that is lol. Um best other comparison I can make is creamed butter and sugar.
Add Triple Thick and mix, add your colour medium of choice a little bit at a time. Better to add to little than too much lol.
If you want to make more of a glimmer glam add glitter of choice. I prefer the fine glitters to chunky glitter but add what ever you prefer of course!

Here is my youtube tutorial.
If there is a medium I haven't covered and you would like me to give it a go, or if there is a combo you have tried that works well please leave me a comment. I am willing to try out different combo's for people if I have the mediums.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Scrappin'

Just a few extra notes. Glossy Accents works as does Gloss Multi Medium (love it!). If you want a thinner glaze add more water, same as if it has been sitting for too long . . .

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