Sunday, 1 April 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 Day Eight

Almost there! :) What an adventure this has been. I can say I have loads of extra's I haven't made into anything yet. But I do have 11 complete cards so far to show you later :)

Day 8 was paint. I still have one work in progress. I used milled lavender for my crackle and am ho hum about it lol... But it still needs some distressing so we shall see how it turns out :)

So my first two are okish but is a bit hard to see the resist in normal light. This is because it is unprimed canvas (I don't have any sticky back). Next time I will prime first! I like the colours though :)

Butterflys! swoon lol I misted this one with water so that the white would pop more...

Ok even more butterflys. This is the technique on plain old cs. As the canvas wasn't working thought I would try this lol. Love how it turned out!

Ok ones just a lil dark lol. Was too busy haaving a chat ;) and forgot to dab the flowers lol.

Ok so rather than post without the last pic I decided to suck it up and post lol... Had a bit of problem with my sticky stamp lifting the crackle pain but I think it adds to the distressed look :) lol

So we are close to the end :( Hopefully there will be another class at some point!
Happy Scrappin'

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