Sunday, 1 April 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 Day Nine

Second last day... Getting there :) Perfect pearls!

Anyone who knows me knows I love all things shiny. I have both pearl ex and perfect pearls lol and bling out the wazoo...

My spray mists are not made with reinker tsk tsk as I love using my colour wash for mists and tend to make up bigger batches, usually around 50ml as I use mists a lot.

I love this technique. How pretty it is :)

So I had to do it twice ;) lol

2nd generation

First Gen

Second Gen

It's really a balancing act between too much and not enough water. I completely washed one out with too much lol

But the result is so pretty I did two. . .

I would make the whole world sparkly if I could! just give me a giant glitter shaker and some wings!!! Hahaha. I will definitely be using these techniques again that's for sure :) There was one I hadn't tried before and now I have I likes it!! :)

Only one more day to upload. I finished that one just before writing up this post to post later lol...
Happy Scrappin'

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