Sunday, 1 April 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 Day Seven

Hiya getting close to the end now Boohoo, it's been so much fun. The amount of questions Tim has been answering on the forum has been unbelievable too :) What a Brilliant class.

Day 7 is embossing basics :) Not quite got the hang of Distress powders but maybe after I get a different colour to try. Only One I had on hand was Worn Lipstick thanks to My sister :)

As you can see I could barely get her to show up in these,

and in this one you can't really see the powder lol... I do not know what I am doing wrong. Think I need to try on white instead of manilla...

Also had a lil trouble with this one. The ink was soaking right  in. Will have to try a different paper or reinking my pads so they are juicier...

This was my second go as you will see why I did two in a minute lol,

I decided on take two after I left dirty great finger marks on take one! lol

So definitely more practice needed for these lol techniques... I will get there though. I plan to redo these classes when I have a bit more time! Lifetime access means I can play anytime . . .
Happy Scrappin'

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