Monday, 2 April 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 Day Nine Finished Projects

Perfect Pearls . . . Yay I love sparkly things lol. I know I am acting a lil crazier than normal . . . It's after 3am lol I should be sleeping not posting! My youngest is sick asleep on the lounge so I fell a little behind plus I need to stay up for her anyhow . . . lol

My perfect pearl card is pretty simple. I didn't want to cover up the pic so I just added a lil sentiment to the corner. The sentiment was a leftover from my Autumn card lol. Might add a layer of shimmery glaze over the top of it at some point.

Took me a while staring at the image to decide I didn't want to hide it. lol
Happy Scrappin'


  1. After a brief Google search i located you from 101 course. you seem to know a lot about the products so can you tell me the difference between Adirondacks and Distress Ink pads? not the color range i see that but can they be used like the Distress? I am asking that before I buy reinkers and such for Distress and find myself yet again with the wrong products.

    1. Hi Monica, The distress ink pads are made up with some different properties that give cool effects when used with different water techniques. As for the adirondack it really depends what range you have. Dye, archival or pigment. As they all have different properties. If you are unsure about ranger products there are many demo's of the distress line by Tim Holtz on youtube. The main properties of distress are that they are a dye ink that is embossable on the right cardstock (it's been my experience that some cs soak them up to fast for this. most are ok though) and they are reactive with water. This gives some gorgeous effects. Of course you can do a lot of the techniques with normal dye inks but the effects will not be as cool. If you have a few ranger products it is well woth checking out CC01 as you gain lifetime access to all the info :) Hugs hope this helped! Feel free to ask more questions.