Friday, 30 March 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 Day Four

Hey I am a bit slack posting I know. I am finally all up to date but I have so much going on am finding it hard to find blogging time. Not to mention in the last 3 days my printer has had snotty and died, I locked myself and my man out (good thing good friends have a set of keys!) lol, and the piece de resistance is my phone "going missing" while I was aiding at my youngests school . . . Yay fun week don't ya think? Anyhow I am going to post my day 4 pics :)

We had some bleed problems :( we are missing one that I will add later. Think it is my watercolour paper. Maybe I need a more expensive brand one or something . . . I don't know.

Just wanted to mention I made my mists out of color wash rather than reinkers... I am a bit of a hoarder and colour wash goes further ;) lol

and some misting problems lol Below is my first attempt, what a mess. The other two look great though :)

Below is my Mans 2nd and first attempts. Doesn't his second attempt, the clock, look great? :)

even though we had problems we did get there in the end!

and his third attempt with the whole clock, he loves this mask lol. We also blotted with paper towel to give a smooth effect :)

 I really love how the one below turned out. Not 100% fussed on the background, but it looks loads better with the marker stamped butterflies :)

Thanks For stopping bye.
Happy Scrappin'

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