Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 Day Three

Loving these classes, have learnt a few new things, not so much the techniques except the archival resist (got to get me some of them lol), I managed to do a stazon version. Having loads of trouble with the agate technique. Lol I think that's a hard one to master really. But it's all fun and everything is usable even if not for the intended purpose.

For eg from one of the techniques yesterday I used my leftover ink to make three generations of backgrounds and than the last few drops I used the same sheet of cs to pick the colour up from all my tries. The ones that are not usuable as backgrounds I will chop up and use as other things like butterflies or flowers.

Anyways here are our day three pics.

My second go at technique 3

My Mans go at it. So Pretty.

My first go. for some reason I didn't really like it so tried again lol.

Technique 2. We used Stazon as I don't have any archival yet. This was go one. Forgot to dry the stazon first . . . oops

Go two, This ones my bf's. He loves the lion... Rawr!!!

My attempt two.

Ok I suck at this lol. I think i added too much blending solution to both mine and the bf's lol... This is his.

My first attempt.

My second attempt. Like it much better. I used far less blending solution this time. I think it is a matter of playing around til you get the right amounts.

Day three was a challenge for me lol. Did several do overs to make myself happy lol. Hope you had better results! Hugs
Happy Scrappin'

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